May 30, 2023
lab tests for hemp

Testing services for hemp and CBD products get the results you require. lab tests for hemp make sure that you receive the best testing available in the market, providing you the precision you need to supply customers with goods that live up to their expectations.

Testing for hemp and cannabis stability includes placing samples in accelerated and real-time test chambers that simulate the product quality under various storage circumstances and for varying lengths of time. A certificate of analysis is a document that the testing lab issues after a cannabis product passes all of the required tests. Any business growing, processing, or producing cannabis, hemp, CBD, or other cannabinoid-based products must make use of lab testing services.

Scope For Hemp Tests

THC concentrations are sampled from hemp grown in accordance with a USDA, State, or Tribal hemp production plan and tested for compliance.  Depending on the relevant State, Tribal, or USDA regulations, some producers, research institutions, and facilities growing immature plants may not be subject to the testing requirements.

Compliance checks must determine the entire THC content of a sample that has been given to a lab for examination. In order to determine the overall THC concentration level, the laboratory will conduct a chemical analysis on the sample using post-decarboxylation or other equally trustworthy procedures, taking into account the possibility of converting delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol acid (THCA) into THC.

Who Should Use Testing Laboratories?

Any business growing, processing, or producing cannabis, hemp, CBD, or other cannabinoid-based products must make use of lab testing services. For legal compliance, various nations and jurisdictions each have their own unique testing procedures, some more onerous than others. For instance, California and Massachusetts both demand that cannabis and hemp products be fully free of pesticides, whereas other jurisdictions simply demand to test for a small number of pesticides.

It is still worthwhile to expose your products to further testing for pesticides, metals, moisture, mold, or other potential pollutants, even if your business operates in a location with fewer testing standards. This will not only guarantee the integrity and quality of your products as well as the safety of your customers, but it may also lower the likelihood of future, expensive product recalls.

What Are Cannabis Testing Labs?

In order to guarantee customer safety, a constant level of product quality, and legal compliance, lab testing is crucial in the hemp and legal cannabis businesses. Before they hit store shelves, all varieties of cannabis and hemp-derived goods are accurately, thoroughly, and objectively analyzed by cannabis testing labs, which act as impartial third parties. Cannabis testing labs examine product samples for the presence of pesticides, pathogens, heavy metals, and other pollutants in addition to determining the precise quantities of THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids.